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Flyby’s Success at the InterMobility Expo: A Milestone in Sustainable Mobility and Smart City Integration

07 December 2023 By Flyby

We were delighted to mark our presence at the recent InterMobility Expo, a leading event connecting the transport industry with leading policy and decision makers. Our participation was not only about showcasing our products but also about integrating our solutions into the regional mobility ecosystem.

Ideally located at the event, Flyby drew an impressive number of visitors. Our Smart Delivery Box stood out, showcasing its versatility on both a petrol bike, demonstrating the present, and a custom-built electric bike crafted for the delivery industry by our partners at Terra Mobility, symbolizing the future of last-mile delivery. This innovative product stands as a cornerstone in our mission to transform delivery systems.

Global Recognition and Future Partnerships

The event was an excellent platform for networking and global outreach. Flyby attracted significant interest from local authorities and potential global partners, keen on introducing Flyby into their markets. 

Saher Khattab, Flyby’s Head of Marketing and Business Development, captured the mood perfectly: “This event is not just about showcasing our product; it’s about strengthening existing relationships with key authorities such as the RTA and the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. Additionally it is a chance to discover potential synergies with previously unexplored companies in the UAE and to spark or continue discussions with partners that support our business expansion within the region.

Our participation has opened doors to new partnerships, promising exciting updates for Flyby in 2024. Participation in these events underscore our commitment to innovation in the field of smart mobility and smart cities.

About the InterMobility Expo

Under the theme of Connecting Infrastructure for a Sustainable Mobility Ecosystem, the event showcased the latest advancements in roads, rail, transport, future mobility, and logistics. The Expo was a hub for leaders in the transport industry, from policy makers to decision makers, especially from the UAE and Saudi Arabia. With the event taking place on the doorstep of COP28, there was a clear alignment with the COP28’s emphasis on sustainability.

The Conference Program and Flyby’s Keynote

A highlight of our participation in the Expo was the keynote speech by our newly appointed CEO Cheyenne Kamran. The keynote focused on the challenges and opportunities of urbanization, the gig economy, and the intelligent use of city data to address these issues. 

Cheyenne’s key insight was that companies should forego the challenge of trying to build a fully-integrated smart city, and instead to identify layers that can be connected, integrated and shared – a point which resonated with the audience. As Cheyenne noted, “Everything is an IoT device,” positioning Flyby as a leader in asset tracking and mobile digital advertising, and hinting at a further expansion into the unique data-gathering capabilities of IoT assets.

Looking Ahead

The event concluded with Flyby gaining numerous new contacts and potential leads. It was a testament to our growing influence in the industry and our commitment to shaping the future of mobility. 

We eagerly look forward to participating in the next edition of the InterMobility Event, continuing our journey towards innovative and sustainable mobility solutions.