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Flyby and Terra Join Forces For the Future of Last Mile Delivery 

Flyby, a Dubai based smart city technologies company is joining forces with TERRA, a Dubai-based sustainable last-mile delivery platform, to advance the last-mile delivery sector in the region.

28 February 2024 By Flyby

We’re delighted to announce our partnership with Terra, a Dubai-based sustainable last-mile delivery platform. 

The plan is to offer Flyby’s cloud-enabled Smart Delivery Boxes on Terra’s sustainable e-bikes, integrating with the bike’s electrical systems, with the unit powered by the region’s first city-wide swappable battery network. 

“This is the future of last mile delivery.”
– Saher Khattab
Head of Marketing & Business Development, Flyby

Riders can ride up to a Terra station, and rather than charging, can simply swap their batteries in less than 20 seconds. Terra’s swappable battery network and e-bikes are the ideal platform to power and mobilize Flyby’s boxes, turning each delivery bike into a mobile data-gathering station that powers Flyby’s smart city solutions. 

Together, we’re moving to an integrated system of efficient and effective urban mobility, and a smart, sustainable solution that showcases the future of last-mile mobility.

To read the official Press Release, click here.

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