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Flyby Demo Day

On February 2, Flyby hosted a Demo Day in front of current and prospective investors, as well as colleagues and stakeholders from the last mile delivery ecosystem.

10 February 2023 By Flyby

Over the course of the day, the team showcased our cutting-edge Flyby Smart Delivery Box, along with the evolving designs that have led to our curent series production.

Attendees witnessed the capabilities of the Smart Delivery Box, with live demonstrations inside the studio and on the road, with live telemetry being fed back in real-time to Flyby’s cloud-based platform, including real-time rider monitoring and driver alerts.

Attendees also got a first glimpse into Flyby’s innovative location- and time-based advertising campaign dashboard.

We were pleased to see the conversations and interest that emerged following the presentations, and look forward to scaling and sharing our mission.

A special thank you to JBM Studio for hosting us in their fantastic creative space, along with Ian Ohan and the team from KRUSH Brands for the delicious food from their diverse collection of brands, as well as Falcon Coffee Roasters for keeping our guests fueled with specialty coffee.

Check out a highlight clip of the Flyby Demo Day below: