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Smarter, Safer Cities with Flyby — Feature Video

08 July 2023 By Flyby

The rapid growth of last mile delivery has presented businesses with new challenges in profitability and road safety. Flyby addresses these challenges head-on with its Smart Delivery Boxes and cloud-based platform, making our fleets more connected, our roads safer, and our cities smarter.

Fleet providers can now track the precise location, speed, acceleration, and driving behavior of every rider in real-time. This valuable information enhances operational efficiency and promotes road safety. Additionally, Flyby offers the ability to display public safety alerts and real-time updates on road and traffic conditions, further ensuring safer and more efficient deliveries.

Flyby’s geofenced digital out-of-home advertising feature provides advertisers with granular control, enabling them to place relevant ads and reach their target audience effectively. This opens up new revenue streams and enhances advertising effectiveness.

To experience more features and see a real-life view, we invite you to watch the video and join us on this journey of a future where safe and efficient last mile delivery is accessible to all.